Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Enjoy SC Observational Study.

Here are a few important notes before you sign up:

About the project

The City of Columbia, in collaboration with several community organizations, will use a Knight Cities Challenge grant to host Encore SC. This series of interactive events, which will take place in April and May of 2018, is designed to attract community members to meet, linger, and socialize on the State House grounds in the heart of downtown Columbia. The City of Columbia Planning Division invited One Columbia for Arts & History, City Center Partnership, Columbia Children’s Theater, Historic Columbia, Columbia Museum of Art, Central Carolina Community Foundation, the South Carolina Philharmonic, and Richland Library to program and lead interactive activities on the State House grounds to attract members of the community of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the public space for extended periods of time.


Observational surveys of how people use the public space will be conducted for each two (2) hour event. Surveys will look at usage of outdoor furnishings, how people are using the space, engaging with activities, and engaging with one another. Surveys topics will occur in 10 min intervals throughout each hour. Data will be collected for two (2) hours.


Wednesdays from April 4th - May 23rd and Saturdays from April 11th - May 26th, with the exclusion of April 5th and the addition of Sunday, May 6th.


South Carolina State House Grounds, 100 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201


Through the generosity of The Knight Foundation grant funding is available for surveyors. Each surveyor will receive $30.00 stipend per event (2 hour event). Surveyors must attend, complete, and submit the survey results to receive funding. Surveyors receiving funding must attend one 30 minute training session. Reimbursement forms from the Central Carolina Community Foundation will be provided and must be submitted at the end of the event with the completed survey. Stipends will be available approximately 1.5 to 2 weeks after the event.


1. To sign up, please enter your name and contact info below. Then select the dates that you are available to participate. You may participate in as many sessions as you would like.

2. Please note sessions are two (2) hours long. Each hour is divided into various counting segments as short as 10 minutes. 
3. All volunteers are encouraged to attend a training session; planning staff will be in touch with you after registration to arrange training.
4. Please contact John Fellows, Planning Administrator, City of Columbia Planning Division at (803) 545-3215. If you have questions during the count please call John Fellows at (803) 546-4078.